Zombie journals: designing a technological infrastructure for a precarious graduate student journal

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O'Donnell, Daniel Paul
Viejou, Carey
Chow, Sylvia S. T.
Graham, Rumi Y.
McKinnon, Jarret
Morrison, Dorothea
Parsons, Reed
Rieger, Courtney
Spiric, Vanja
Toth, Elaine
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Simon Fraser University
Background: The Meeting of the Minds graduate student journal is edited primarily by students from our Masters programme. This means that our editorial board is subject to high annual turnover and that our technological infrastructure and workflow needed to be easy to train for, accommodate differing levels of technological skill and editorial interest, and provide archiving that did not require a continuing interest in the journal by future generations of students. Analysis: This article provides a detailed and comparative account of the "off-the-shelf" systems and software used in developing the journal with an explanation of the rationale behind our choices. Conclusion and implications: The choices we made can be adopted by other journals interested in a low-cost, "future-proof" approach to developing a publishing infrastructure.
Open access article. Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License (CC-BY-NC) applies.
Publishing , Scholarly communication , Academic journals , Graduate student education , Graduate student journal , Student-led journals , Journal publishing
O'Donnell, D. P., Viejou, C., Chow, S., Graham, R., McKinnon, J., Morrison, D.,...Ueland, K. (2018). Zombie journals: Designing a technological infrastructure for a precarious journal. Scholarly and Research Communication, 9(2), 0201296, 20 pp.https://dx.doi.org/10.22230/src.2018v9n2a296