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Open ULeth Scholarship (OPUS) is the University of Lethbridge's open access research repository. It contains a collection of materials related to research and teaching produced by the academic community. University of Lethbridge users may email a list of their publications (or CV containing the list) or any item(s) they would like added to

Self-archiving your research in OPUS is one way to meet Open Access policies of granting agencies. It is important to retain your final, post-peer-reviewed drafts for submission to OPUS, as this is often the only version publishers will allow to be archived. Click here for information on the U of L Open Access Policy.

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  • Simpson, Braden R.; University of Lethbridge. Dhillon School of Business (Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dhillon School of BusinessDhillon School of Business, 2022)
    Prior research on crisis communications predicts that apologies from youthful (vs. older) influencers generate more social support because younger influencers are perceived as more honest and innocent and therefore deserving ...
  • Hernesniemi, Miika S. J.; University of Lethbridge., Faculty of Health Sciences (Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Health SciencesHealth Sciences, 2022)
    Therapeutic Recreation (TR) has been likened to an existential therapy because it facilitates meaningful outcomes for participants. Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA) has previously been proposed as a suitable ...
  • Huscroft, Crystal A.; Barendregt, René W.; Jackson, Lionel E. (Geological Survey of CanadaArts and ScienceDepartment of Geography and EnvironmentSimon Fraser UniversityUniversity of LethbridgeGeological Survey of Canada, 2001)
    Normally magnetized, valley-filling basalt flows extend more than 10 km down the Yukon River valley from the Fort Selkirk area. These flows are locally overlain by gravel and terminate at the level of the contemporary Yukon ...
  • Mahaney, William C.; Milner, Michael W.; Kapran, Barbara; Tricart, Pierre; Schwartz, Stéphane; Barendregt, René W.; Krinsley, David H.; Dorn, Ronald I.; Trapido-Lurie, Barbara; Boccia, Sal; Sodhi, Rana N. S.; Kalm, Volli; Beukens, Roelf (Society for Historical ArchaeologyArts and ScienceDepartment of Geography and EnvironmentQuaternary SurveysObservatoire des Sciences de l'UniversUniversity of LethbridgeUniversity of OregonArizona State UniversityUniversity of TorontoTartu University, 2008)
    Previous attempts to plot the exact invasion route of the Punic army in 218 B.c. have been limited, with one excep- tion (de Beer 1967, 1969), to analysis of topography and previous historical arguments based on the ...
  • Mahaney, William C.; Kalm, Volli; Dirszowsky, Randy W.; Milner, Michael W.; Sodhi, Rana; Beukens, Roelf; Dorn, Ron; Tricart, Pierre; Schwartz, Stéphane; Chamorro-Perez, Eva; Boccia, Sal; Barendregt, René W.; Krinsley, D. H.; Seaquist, E. R.; Merrick, David; Kapran, Barbara (University of the AegeanArts and ScienceDepartment of Geography and EnvironmentQuaternary SurveysTartu UniversityLaurentian UniversityUniversity of TorontoArizona State UniversityUniversity of GrenobleObservatoire des Sciences de l'UniversEcole Normale SupérieureUniversity of LethbridgeUniversity of OregonBusiness Economics Ltd., 2008)
    A ~2200 year-old question related to Hannibal’s invasion route across the Alps into Italia, has been argued by classicists without recovery of material evidence. A comparison of topographical descriptions in the ancient ...

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