Socially conscious consumer behaviour : the role of ethical self-identity in the use of mental accounting / Vanessa K. Hanel

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Hanel, Vanessa K.
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Management
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Management, 2010
Consumers are becoming more socially conscious in their purchasing behaviours (Freestone & McGoldrick, 2008), and for some it is becoming a more salient aspect of buying criteria (Memery et al., 2005). Individuals‟ conceptions of themselves can influence behaviour (Aquino et al., 2009). An on-line experiment demonstrated the importance of consumers' ethical self-identity (ESI) in the mental processing of socially conscious consumer decisions. Findings reveal not only how individuals process decisions, but how they react to external stimuli. This study categorizes consumers into three levels of ESI, and shows differences and similarities between them. Individuals who feel an ethical orientation is part of their core self-identity were more inclined to mentally consult upon their previous behaviours when considering their current choice. Additional findings indicate that an assimilation effect took place; priming the environment led to more environmental purchase intentions (Herr, 1989). This study provides important insight into socially conscious consumer behaviour.
viii, 102 leaves ; 29 cm
Consumer behavior , Consumer behavior -- Moral and ethical aspects , Consumer behavior -- Social aspects , Consumers' preferences , Consumers -- Attitudes , Dissertations, Academic