Mobile : painting as a practice of peregrination

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Djaballah, Anne-Laure
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Art
Walking is a practice which parallels and criss-crosses my painting practice. Each mutually informs the other, creating a mobile with which I think about and experience the world. Before seeking to elucidate the knowledge that has developed therein, I reflect on the resistance visual art places on language, and consider the difference between art theory and a theory of practice. I delineate foundational ideas pertaining to the experience of the creative process and the studio, and link these thoughts to aspects of walking. The appendix contains a complete reproduction of the pages of a publication made to accompany my thesis exhibition. This document constitutes the crux of my work. It is a compendium of fragments; stories, questions, images and quotes pertaining to my studio practice. In both form and style, it seeks to communicate authentically the aspects of my practice that refuse straightforward written definition.
painting , walking , installation