Applying the IS success model to mobile banking apps

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Li, Taoting
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Lethbrige, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Management.
Mobile banking applications (apps) are the latest technology to be offered by the retail banking sector. However, little research has been done to understand the adoption of this technology. Building on the DeLone and McLean IS Success Model, this study investigates the impacts of banking app quality (i.e., information quality, system quality, and service quality) on satisfaction, perceived innovativeness, and intention to continue using. System quality and information quality were found to be multidimensional structures with the user interface, response time, and security contributing significantly to system quality while understandability and completeness contributed significantly to information quality. The findings suggest that system quality significantly impacts perceived innovativeness while information quality significantly influences satisfaction. Both perceived innovativeness and user satisfaction significantly affect intention to continue using banking apps. Perceived innovativeness also has an indirect impact, through satisfaction, on intention to continue using.
mobile banking applications , banking apps , mobile apps , information systems success , system quality , information quality