Incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome in northeastern Manitoba

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Williams, Robert J.
Odaibo, Felix S.
McGee, Janet M.
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Canadian Journal of Public Health
The incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in northeastern Manitoba was investigated by examining all 745 live births occurring in Thompson General Hospital in 1994. Birth records were screened with criteria designed to capture all potential FAS cases. Cases were then eliminated if follow-up records indicated the child was not developmentally delayed or no longer had the small head or body size identified at birth. Cases still meeting criteria were personally examined. Five cases of FAS were identified among the 46% of eligible children screened at age 2, roughly an incidence of 7.2/ 1,000. However, because only 46% of the high risk cases were personally examined, incidence could be as high as 14.8/ 1,000. Only 1/5 FAS cases had been identified prior to our investigation. The results indicate the incidence of FAS in northeastern Manitoba is very high and that much greater effort needs to be made in its prevention and early detection.
Reproduced with permission of the Canadian Public Health Association.
Fetal alcohol syndrome , Public health , Babies , Health aspects
Williams, R.J. & Gloster, S.P. (1999). Incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome in northeastern Manitoba. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 90, 192-194.