Modulation of compensation and recovery in a rat model of motor cortex stroke : implications of transcranial direct current stimulation

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Gidyk, Darryl C.
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Neuroscience, c2011
The present thesis examines the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation and forelimb rehabilitation on motor recovery after stroke in rats. Post-stroke motor outcomes were quantified using an innovative battery of behavioural tests and high resolution, in vivo electrophysiology was employed to examine coherence of neural activity between hemispheres. It was shown that rats that received brain stimulation concurrently with forelimb rehabilitation displayed functional recovery, whereas rats that received rehabilitation alone partially regained motor function, but the improvements were not due to restitution of original movement patterns. Results from electrophysiological recordings showed that rats that received brain stimulation and rehabilitation regained pre-stroke levels of interhemispheric coherence, but rats that received rehabilitation alone did not. The present thesis suggests that transcranial direct current stimulation may be a viable adjunct therapy to increase the efficacy of physical rehabilitation with regard to post-stroke motor outcomes. Interhemishperic coherence between homotopic neuronal populations may represent a biomarker of genuine motor recovery after stroke.
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Cerebrovascular disease -- Research , Cerebrovascular disease -- Rehabilitation , Brain stimulation -- Therapeutic use , Brain stimulation -- Research , Brain stimulation -- Animal models , Physical therapy -- Therapeutic use , Physical therapy -- Animal models , Neuroplasticity -- Research , Rats as laboratory animals , Dissertations, Academic