Participatory action research and photovoice: applicability, relevance, and process in nursing education research

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Oosterbroek, Tracy
Yonge, Olive
Myrick, Florence
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Participatory action research (PAR) is a philosophy and approach to qualitative research. The purpose of this article is to generate a clearer understanding of PAR and its relevance to the discipline and profession of nursing. The authors provide a description of the principles and process of implementing PAR methodology, using photovoice as an innovative, participant-directed data collection method in rural nursing preceptorship. Participants were undergraduate nursing students and faculty advisors assigned to rural communities during the final clinical preceptorship. Participants described opportunities and challenges experienced during the preceptorship and how these experiences influenced their learning and overall preceptorship experience.
This is a non-final version of an article published in final form in Nursing Education Perspectives
Nursing preceptorship , Participatory action research , Photovoice
Oosterbroek, T., Yonge, Olive, & Myrick, F. (2021). Participatory action research and photovoice: Applicability, relevance, and process in nursing education research. Nursing Education Perspectives, 42(6), E114-E116.