Price-quality schema orientation and market efficiency perceptions : a cross cultural and intercultural study of Canadians and Chinese

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Mu, Mu
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Management
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Lethbridge, AB : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Management, 2006
This study investigates 1) whether Canadians have stronger price-quality schemas (PQ) and perceptions of market efficiency (ME) than Chinese in both Canada and China, and 2) how acculturation affects Chinese immigrants’ PQ and ME. A pre-test and a main study were conducted. In the main study, data from 192 Canadians, 148 Chinese immigrants, and 170 domestic Chinese usable questionnaires were collected in Canada and China. PQ, ME, acculturation, individualism, and collectivism scales were adopted from prior studies. Data was analyzed by t-tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, and regressions analyses. Findings showed that Canadians have significantly stronger PQ and ME than their Chinese immigrant in Canada and domestic Chinese with exception of that Chinese immigrant have an even stronger PQ than Canadians. Acculturation was not significantly related with Chinese immigrants’ PQ or ME. However, individualism and collectivism were found related to three consumer groups’ PQ and/or ME.
viii, 76 leaves ; 29 cm.
Pricing -- Canada -- Cross-cultural studies , Pricing -- China -- Cross-cultural studies , Efficient market theory -- Cross-cultural studies