The looking glass: decolonizing perceptions on culture through virtual worldbuilding and speculative fiction

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Omubor, Monioluwa
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Fine Arts
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of New Media
The Looking Glass is an MFA thesis project which raises questions concerning the ways in which culture, specifically Yoruba culture is perceived, interacted with, and experienced. It examines the discourse surrounding colonized and marginalized identities and explores how the literary tool of speculative fiction in combination with 3d computer graphics can be employed in subverting and decolonizing these conversations in the area of new media art. The project features a series of 3D computer generated portraits, landscapes, and short video clips which serve as “moving” or “living” paintings, with each piece revolving strongly around a selected element of Yoruba culture. The subjects are situated against a surrealist backdrop while staged and presented with a minimalist aesthetic, an approach specifically selected to convey the themes and ideas for which are argued. Through this, each piece serves as a corner for critical reflection, reconciliation and exploration. Ultimately, the thesis investigates channels for the expansion of 3D computer graphics and its worldbuilding capabilities in the effort of propagating critical reflection through speculative work.
Yoruba culture , colonized identities , marginalized identities , speculative fiction , 3D computer graphics , worldbuilding , critical reflection