Whacky Wizards: designing and assessing an online interactive program for elementary music education

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Brooks, Leonard Garth
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Fine Arts
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Music
Music, a subject once taught almost exclusively by specialists, is increasingly the responsibility of generalist teachers at the elementary level. This research documents the development, creation, and implementation of Whacky Wizards (a web-based program featuring interactive software and other resources) to help these teachers integrate music instruction in their classrooms using Boomwhackers® percussion tubes. This thesis identifies 16 key barriers and needs faced by generalist teachers regarding music instruction and revisits these barriers and needs to outline the design rationales and objectives of the Whacky Wizards program. In 2021 the program was implemented by 24 teachers in Southern Alberta for a 10-week field test. The researcher collected data from pre- and post-test interviews and online feedback forms completed by these teachers. Findings demonstrate that the program shows promise in addressing the aforementioned barriers and needs, particularly regarding increasing participants' confidence and competence (self-efficacy) towards infusing music instruction in their classrooms.
music education , elementary music education , generalist elementary teachers , percussion instruments , web-based music instruction , Music--Instruction and study--Juvenile , School music--Instruction and study , Elementary school teachers , Percussion instruments--Instruction and study , Percussion instruments--Methods--Group instruction , Internet in education , Web-based instruction , Dissertations, Academic