Influence of well-being and quality of work-life on quality of care among healthcare professionals in southwest, Nigeria

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Odole, Adesola C.
Ogunlana, Michael O.
Odunaiya, Nse A.
Oyewole, Olufemi O.
Mbada, Chidozie E.
Onyeso, Ogochukwu K.
Ayodeji, Ayomikun F.
Adegoke, Opeyemi M.
Odole, Iyanuoluwa
Sanuade, Comfort T.
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Springer Nature
The Nigerian healthcare industry is bedevilled with infrastructural dilapidations and a dysfunctional healthcare system. This study investigated the influence of healthcare professionals’ well-being and quality of work-life (QoWL) on the quality of care (QoC) of patients in Nigeria. A multicentre cross-sectional study was conducted at four tertiary healthcare institutions in southwest, Nigeria. Participants’ demographic information, well-being, quality of life (QoL), QoWL, and QoC were obtained using four standardised questionnaires. Data were summarised using descriptive statistics. Inferential statistics included Chi-square, Pearson’s correlation, independent samples t-test, confirmatory factor analyses and structural equation model. Medical practitioners (n = 609) and nurses (n = 570) constituted 74.6% of all the healthcare professionals with physiotherapists, pharmacists, and medical laboratory scientists constituting 25.4%. The mean (SD) participants’ well-being = 71.65% (14.65), QoL = 61.8% (21.31), QoWL = 65.73% (10.52) and QoC = 70.14% (12.77). Participants’ QoL had a significant negative correlation with QoC while well-being and quality of work-life had a significant positive correlation with QoC. We concluded that healthcare professionals’ well-being and QoWL are important factors that influence the QoC rendered to patients. Healthcare policymakers in Nigeria should ensure improved work-related factors and the well-being of healthcare professionals to ensure good QoC for patients.
Open access article. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0) applies
Health care , Health occupations , Healthcare professionals , Work-life , Quality of care
Odole, A. C., Ogunlana, M. O., Odunaiya, N. A., Oyewole, O. O., Mbada, C. E., Onyeso, O. K., Ayodeji, A. F., Adegoke, O. M., Odole, I., Sanuade, C. T., Odole, M. E., & Awosoga, O. A. (2023). Influence of well-being and quality of work-life on quality of care among healthcare professionals in southwest, Nigeria. Scientific Reports, 13, Article 7830.