Seamless sonic scenery with an open source audio engine

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Hills, Jacob
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Fine Arts
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Lethbridge, Alta : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of New Media
This support document contains my research into adaptive music using the horizontal resequencing technique. It outlines the music composing process I used to create three main musical themes, and the transitions that facilitate the smooth transition between them. It also discusses the creation and use of a software music engine created in the Pure Data programming environment, which utilizes the music that I composed, for a truly adaptive musical experience. In addition, this paper discusses the customization and expansion of the software. I chose to undertake this project because I felt that the current software that can organize music in this way is often complex to use and come with user agreements that charge the user based on the scope, budget or success of any given project. I felt that creating and distributing a simple open source audio resequencing program would provide a valuable alternative to the tools currently available. My engine is free of charge and anyone can use and modify it as they see fit. This software is a tool for educators to help teach about interactive music. Composers who want to experiment with horizontal resequencing with musical transitions will find that it is a useful tool. It is also a resource for makers, curators, and artists who want to add adaptive music to video games, public displays or other modern media. My project is under the creative common license CC BY-SA4.0 which means that anyone can download it, modify or remix it and use it however they choose as long as my work is recognized and any remix is shared under the same license. It is my hope that this open approach will foster creativity and help more people create immersive interactive experiences. The software can be downloaded at .
Music , Composing , Interactive Music , Adaptive Music , Open Source , Horizontal Resequencing