Expression analysis of FORKED-LIKE family genes during development and in response to NaCl, ABA, and auxin

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Clarke, Kurtis
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Arts and Science
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Lethbridge, Alta. : Universtiy of Lethbridge, Department of Biological Sciences
Auxin based developmental processes rely on PINFORMED (PIN) proteins for the polarized export of auxin. The protein FORKED1 (FKD1) influences PIN1 polarity in provascular cells and the subsequent formation of closed loops in leaf venation. Mutations to FKD1 result in an open leaf vein pattern. FKD1 is a member of the 9-member FORKED-LIKE (FL) gene family. While single mutants of fl1, fl2, and fl3 result in no visible phenotype, a quadruple mutant of fkd1/fl1-2/ fl2/fl3 has severely disconnected veins and reduced root elongation. This study was designed to observe the expression patterns of FL-gene family members by production of promoter-reporter constructs and the modifications of their expression by hormones or abiotic stresses. I found that members of this gene family are regulated by auxin, supporting their role in vascular tissue development. Moreover, their response to abscisic acid may indicate that the family is regulated in response to abiotic stress.
Plant Physiology , FORKED-Like , Leaf Venation , Abiotic Stress , ABA , Auxin , Abscisic acid , Arabidopsis thaliana -- Research , Leaf proteins -- Research , Roots (Botany) -- Effect of stress on -- Research , Roots (Botany) -- Morphogenesis , Membrane proteins , Plants -- Effect of auxin on -- Research , Plants -- Effect of stress on -- Genetic aspects -- Research , Leaves --Effect of stress on -- Research , Leaves -- Morphogenesis