Training Problem Gambling Counsellors in Congruence Couple Therapy: Evaluation of Training Outcomes

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Lee, Bonnie K.
Rovers, Martin
MacLean, Lynne
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Congruence Couple Therapy (CCT) is an integrative, humanistic, systemic model for problem gambling treatment. This study evaluates the efficacy of CCT training in imparting key concepts, skills and values of CCT to a sample of problem gambling counsellors (N = 21) from 13 Ontario problem gambling treatment programmes. CCT training comprised of a 4-day residential workshop followed by 12 weeks of CCT application to couples supported by teleconference consultation. Two cycles of training were conducted. The evaluations were driven by two controlled designs using quantitative measures complemented by qualitative data. Triangulated mixed methods findings indicate that counsellors increased significantly their knowledge of CCT concepts, values and skills from both training cycles. Trainee satisfaction was highly positive. Further studies on CCT and CCT training are recommended in light of these results.
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Marital psychotherapy , Compulsive gambling
Lee, B. K., Rovers, M., & MacLean, L. (2008). Training problem gambling counsellors in Congruence Couple Therapy: Evaluation of training outcomes. International Gambling Studies, 8(1), 95–111. DOI: 10.1080/14459790701878129