Determining Socio-Economic Impacts of New Gaming Venues in Four Lower Mainland Communities: Socio-Economic Issues and Impacts: First Impact Measures Report

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Mangham, Colin
Carney, Greg
Burnett, Sean
Williams, Robert J.
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Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Government of British Columbia
The purpose of the study is to learn what, if any, economic and social costs and benefits emerge over time from the creation and operation of these four new venues. Its intent is to inform planning processes by the provincial government and other stakeholders. The study is being done in three waves: Baseline (2004) First Impact Measures (2005) Final Report with Second Impact Measures (2006) This document constitutes the first impact report. It compares present (2005) data with baseline social and economic data gathered prior to and during the opening of three of the four gaming venues (2004). The impact analysis in this report is limited because it is based on data collected shortly after the Casino opening dates. These delays were not anticipated at the start of the project, however the final report due in 2007 will have sufficient data to support impact analysis. The report is divided into two sections, Social Impacts and Economic Impacts.
Permission granted by the British Columbia Intellectual Property Program to reproduce this publication.
Gambling -- British Columbia , Compulsive gambling -- British Columbia
Blue Thorn Research, Population Health Promotion Associates, & Williams, R.J. (2006). Determining Socio-Economic Impacts of New Gaming Venues in Four Lower Mainland Communities. First Impact Measures Report. Report submitted to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. May 2006.