Open source framework usage : an investigation of the user's intention to continue using a framework

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Lemnaru, Alexandru
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Management
To increase productivity, application developers are using tools that allow them to create higher quality applications faster. One such set of tools, open-source frameworks, allows application developers to reuse software artifacts and should increase application quality. However, given the vast number of open-source frameworks available, users must be able to differentiate among frameworks and select the one best suited for them. In this study, we expand the taxonomy of open-source frameworks and analyze the impact of the framework's characteristics, technical quality, and social pressure on perceived usefulness and continued framework usage intention. Our findings suggest that understandability and flexibility have a significant impact on perceived ease of use, while perceived usefulness is mainly determined by flexibility and efficiency. Our research can be used to understand what influences developers to continue using frameworks and to improve framework development.
viii, 129 leaves : ill. ; 29 cm
Software frameworks -- Research , Computer software -- Reusability , Open source software , Application software -- Development , Dissertations, Academic