Bridging dualities: the piano pedagogy of Marie Jaëll (1846-1925)

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Letourneau, Carmen R.
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Music
Marie Jaëll (1846-1925), pianist, composer, and pedagogue, was a brilliant figure at the close of the nineteenth century, although she fell into relative obscurity in the twentieth. She is best known for her piano pedagogy, in which she set out to transform the study of piano using rational principles and empirical analysis. She stands at a major turning point between the pedagogy of the nineteenth century and modern pianism. In this thesis, I discuss Jaëll’s innovative divergence from tradition, placing her method and theories in the context of the development of piano pedagogy. In her search to understand and explain the underlying principles of piano playing, she brought scientific reasoning and experimentation into the realm of art. In her attempts to reconcile personal experience and observation with scientific theories, she stepped outside of traditional models of learning and teaching piano.
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