Whisper: a nature-centred generative music performance

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Abu-Rahma, Tareq
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Fine Arts
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Fine Arts
In my research-creation project, I create a digital musical instrument, referred to as Whisper, to investigate the capacity of wind to perform. By integrating principles of digital musical instrument design and generative music, as well as exploring the decolonisation of western classical musical practices, I create a multisensory, site-specific, technology-based performance that highlights the wind as the central performer. The music performed with Whisper consists of two parts, each part using a generative music system that responds to wind speed measurements in order to trigger sound events and create musical notes whose sounds are generated by both commercially available virtual instruments and my own custom-built software synthesis engines. With Whisper, I also investigate the decolonisation of musical practices and emphasise the principle of interconnectedness that exists among all life forms and relationships. Interconnectedness holds significant importance within Indigenous worldviews in particular. I study and incorporate Niitsi'powahsin (Blackfoot language) as a vital component of nature's performance. To guide my exploration, I draw inspiration from the scholarly works and calls to action put forth by Dr. Leroy Little Bear and Dr. Dylan Robinson.
Generative music , Indigenous worldviews , Digital musical instrument , Nature-based sound performance , Wind in music , Decolonisation of musical practices