QLS front-line retention manual: methods for achieving a 94% cohort retention rate in longitudinal research

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McLaughlin, Patricia
White, Nick
King, Kate
Hann, Robert G.
Williams, Robert J.
Schopflocher, Donald Peter
West, Beverly L.
Flexhaug, Trevor
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Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre
This Front-Line Manual, written mainly by and from the perspective of the QLS front-line staff describes how they developed, tested, and put into practice the methodology to achieve their extremely high retention rate. By discussing the underlying rationale for different approaches and tools, as well as providing numerous specific practical examples, this manual will hopefully assist other longitudinal studies in improving retention rates, and thus the strength of the results of those studies.
Permission to include the report granted by Gary O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer, ONTARIO PROBLEM GAMBLING RESEARCH CENTRE
Quinte Longitudinal Study , QLS , Retention rates , Longitudinal studies , High retention rates
McLaughlin, P., White, N., King, K., with Hann, R.G, assisted by Williams, R.J., Schopflocher, D., West, B., & Flexhaug, T. (2013). QLS Front-line Retention Manual: Methods for Achieving a 94% Cohort Retention Rate in Longitudinal Research. Report prepared for the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre. February 2014.