Correlates of physical activity and outdoor time in Canadian school children from families speaking a non-official language at home

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Nayakarathna, Ransimala
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Arts and Science
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Health Sciences
Research suggests that physical activity (PA) and outdoor times are lower in Canadian children who speak a non-official language at home. Using data from the Active Transportation and Independent Mobility study, we investigated the correlates of PA and outdoor time among schoolchildren from this population to inform future interventions. The sample included 1,699 children recruited in 37 schools and was stratified by area-level socioeconomic status and type of urbanization (urban, suburban, rural). Among these, 478 spoke a non-official language at home. PA was measured using pedometers for 7 consecutive days. Children’s outdoor time and data on potential correlates were collected via child and parent surveys and weather data from Environment Canada. Correlates of PA and outdoor time differ according to gender and span through the ecological model underscoring the need for gender-sensitized interventions targeted at the individual, family, social and environmental level correlates to increase children’s PA and outdoor time.
public health , physical activity , Canadian school children , non-official language speaking homes , children's activity levels , outdoor activity time , Public health--Canada , Exercise for children--Health aspects--Canada , Physical fitness for children--Health aspects--Canada , Outdoor recreation for children--Health aspects--Canada , School children--Recreation--Research--Canada , Recreational surveys--Canada , Play--Health aspects , Children of immigrants--Recreation--Research--Canada , Children--Recreation--Research--Canada , Dissertations, Academic