Establishing and optimizing a pipeline for using a combined multi-omic approach to assessing the role of eIF5B in glioblastoma cells

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Vanden Dungen, Keiran John
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Arts and Science
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Translation is an important and highly regulated process. Specifically, translation initiation is of interest when considering the ways in which cells respond to treatments and environmental changes. Previously, we demonstrated that eIF5B is responsible for the translation of a subset of mRNAs encoding anti-apoptotic proteins which regulated the sensitivity of U343’s resistance to TRAIL. Through this project, I have established an important multi-omics pipeline for investigating the impact of eIF5B on glioblastoma cells. By utilizing this pipeline, I have demonstrated that both TRAIL and eIF5B individually affected the glioblastoma cell metabolome, and in combination revealed further changes. Specifically, these treatment conditions produced robust shifts in metabolites such as myo-inositol. I have successfully prepared sequencing-ready RNA libraries for Ribo-seq with corresponding RNA for RNA-seq. This research will provide our lab the opportunity to expand my research on eIF5B through this pipeline as I have demonstrated that eIF5B-modulated metabolites are very cancer-relevant.
Metabolomics , Translatomics , Transcriptomics , Glioblastoma , eIF5B , Tumor necrosis factor -- Research , Genetic translation -- Regulation -- Research , Glioblastoma multiforme -- Growth -- Regulation -- Research , Metabolites -- Research , Apoptosis -- Research , Guanosine triphosphatase -- Research , Dissertations, Academic