Congruence couple therapy: an integrative approach in addiction and concurrent disorder treatment

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Lee, Bonnie K.
Northey, Korie-Lyn
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Family engagement is a priority in addiction and mental health services, although compelling concepts and processes to involve families remain inadequate. Couple therapy is ostensibly missing in the menu of services available. To address this gap, the systemic principles and concepts of Congruence Couple Therapy integrate the treatment of adverse childhood experiences and addiction by working with the couple interaction. This presentation will encourage thinking and conversation on the importance, merits and barriers of placing couples and parents more centrally in treatment and evaluation, showcasing the voices and viewpoints of patients and counsellors who participated in a randomized controlled trial at two treatment sites in Alberta Health Services. A summary of the clinical outcomes from the trial will be shared.
Powerpoint slides for Knowledge Translation. AHS Addiction & Mental Health Knowledge Bites Lunch & Learn Series
Congruence couple therapy
Lee, B., & Northey, K. (2020, May). Congruence Couple Therapy: An integrative approach in addiction and concurrent disorder treatment [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from