Sexual expression in Alberta's continuing care homes: perspectives from residents and family members

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Brassolotto, Julia
Howard, Lisa
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University of Lethbridge
In this report, we outline the findings from Phase 2 of a multi-phase, Alberta-wide study on sexual expression in supportive living and long-term care homes. By “sexual expression,” we mean handholding, hugging, fantasizing, bed sharing, kissing, masturbation, grooming and self-presentation, forming intimate relationships, and engaging in physical sex acts. In what follows, we outline some of the key themes from the academic literature; briefly describe our methods for data collection and analysis; share key findings; and make recommendations for policy and practice. We conclude with a list of resources for family members and residents who are navigating sexual expression in continuing care homes.
Sexual expression , Supportive living , Long-term care homes , Continuing care
Brassolotto, J. & Howard, L. (2019). Sexual expression in Alberta’s continuing care homes: Perspectives from residents and family Members. Lethbridge, AB: University of Lethbridge.