Here | Now | Look | See: information visualizations of recent climate records in Alberta

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Clark, Christine
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of New Media, 2014
This thesis is an analysis of the application of information visualization and design to wicked problems, a class of problems whose complexity, interconnectedness and fluctuation make them extremely difficult to resolve, and serves as a supporting document for my studio research and practice. In this paper I identify challenges that emerge with information visualizations of wicked problems and describe methods for addressing these challenges through my practice-based research project. Using climate data provided by Dr. Stefan W. Kienzle, Associate Professor of Hydrology and GIS at the University of Lethbridge, my research project attempts to use information visualization to communicate the climate data by applying design strategies that explore the relationship between aesthetic and functionality.
Climate data , Climate change communication , Wicked problems , Data literacy , Information apathy , Bias