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    Bungee jumping in the abyss: Working through issues of the mind, heart and guts after awakening
    (Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology, 2011) Nixon, Gary
    In this article, challenges after awakening are considered. While being in the awakened flow can be very captivating, we see issues of the mind, the heart, and the guts may still emerge that need to be worked through. The mind can fixate on the witness state or attach itself to nothingness or to the concept of awakening. These fixated positions, beneath which lay the dark emotions of the heart, must be recognized, openly embraced and collapsed. By burning through the stories around these emotions, we can reclaim our openness of the heart and our ability to come from a place of love rather than from the illusion of the separate self. Connecting with all at a gut level, we can be in a place of let go, no longer grasping at self survival as we embrace existence in each moment.
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    Gambling and problem gambling in North American Aboriginal people
    (University of Manitoba Press, 2011) Williams, Robert J.; Stevens, Rhys M. G.; Nixon, Gary
    The purpose of this paper is to review what is known about gambling and problem gambling among Aboriginal peoples of North America. The focus is primarily on current gambling practices, and on health and social issues rather than economic ones. The first part of this paper provides a brief review of historical aspects of Aboriginal gambling. The second part reviews the current situation with specific reference to the meaning of gambling for Aboriginal people, current patterns of gambling behaviour, and the prevalence and causes of problem gambling within this population.
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    Finding the lion's roar through nondual psychotherapy: leaving the spiritual teacher behind to directly embrace nondual being
    (2012) Nixon, Gary
    This article is a summary of a nondual psychotherapy session with a long time spiritual seeker of 40 years who had worked hard on a meditative path with a guru, but had not experienced an awakening. In the session, he is introduced to some nondual pointers to help him realize that it is all available right here, right now, he has to only see it. After an intense hour with many new understandings, the long term seeker is invited to take the ultimate medicine and discover the lion’s roar within.
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    Diving into the fire of trauma: a nondual approach to healing and awakening
    (Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology, 2013) Nixon, Gary
    The author explores his own attempts at healing from trauma, which led to an embracement of a nondual psychotherapy approach. He explains how catharsis therapy, psychodrama, and somatic experiencing, while initially helpful, did not facilitate a full healing. By moving to incorporate a choiceless awareness perspective, the author found he was able to drop his judgments about the trauma experience, facilitating dissolution of the trauma experience. This discussion is then extended to letting go of the grasping at survival and the separate self, accepting death, and then even psychic hell. Three case studies are shared to show how a nondual therapy approach can be used to work with some dark traumas
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    Surrendering at the end of the line: embracing absolute hopelessness and total failurehood in nondual psychotherapy
    (Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology, 2010) Nixon, Gary
    This article reviews how the nondual seeker comes to the point in the journey in which he or she realizes that the end of seeking is called for but instead begins to seek the end of seeking. As the experience of desperately coming to the end of the line intensifies with no resolution, the experiences of the rot, absolute hopelessness, and embracing total failurehoood, can set the stage for a spontaneous giving up and letting go. In this surrender, the death of the separate self occurs, and the person can come to a place of seeing that “this is it,” it is all available right here, right now, and has been all along. A nondual psychotherapy case study illustrates the point that an invitation can be made by the nondual therapist to the client to simply rest in this state of nothing to do and nowhere to go. The temptation to run from this state, which we have been avoiding our whole lives, can be monumental. Resting in this desperate state of nothing to do can be a vital opportunity to see through the illusion of the separate self, and to know that reality has always been available, right here, right now.