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    City character prints: the poster maps published by Archar Inc., Toronto, Ontario
    (Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives, 2024) Stevens, Rhys M. G.
    Archar Inc. of Toronto, Ontario was one of the most prolific publishers of pictorial poster-maps of North American cities during the 1970s and 1980s. Their “City Character Prints” were three-dimensional perspective maps created by artists to evoke the unique spirit of a place by including illustrations representative of city symbols, historical facts and cartoon-like caricatures of prominent citizens. Costs of poster production were subsidized by collecting advertising fees from local businesses and attractions in return for promotion on the finished map.
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    Gibson Catlett study leave overview
    (University of Lethbridge, 2022) Stevens, Rhys M. G.
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    The cartoon-style poster maps of Trans-Continental Cartographers Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
    (Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives, 2023) Stevens, Rhys M. G.
    This article provides information about the stylized poster maps created in the late 1960s and early 1970s by Trans Continental Cartographers Ltd., Vancouver, B.C. These maps, which depicted cities across Canada and the United States, contained pictorial views of popular landmarks, buildings and places of interest. The restaurants, shops, stores and other attractions portrayed often paid an advertising fee to be represented on Trans Continental’s “city character maps," which were drawn in a quirky and humorous cartoon style at an enlarged scale.
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    Review of the book Emma Willard, Maps of history
    (2023) Stevens, Rhys M. G.
    Book review
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    H. M. (Harry Marriott) Burton
    (2022) Stevens, Rhys M. G.
    H. M. Burton was one of Calgary, Alberta's most prolific real estate artists during the city's real estate boom of the 1910s.