The moderating role of cultural traits in consumer reaction to CRM campaigns : a comparative study of Chinese and Canadians of European descent

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Chen, Xin
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Management
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Management, 2005
Cause Related Marketing has grown tremendously as a marketing tool since the 1980s. Numerous studies have been conducted in North America, Europe and Australia with mostly consumers of European Descent, but no such study has been done with Chinese consumers. This study explicitly measures how Chinese consumers perceive CRM and how their reactions compare with their European-Canadian counterparts. In essence, this study evaluates the moderating role of cultural traits (individualism/collectivism and low-context/high-context) in shaping consumer reaction to CRM. A total of 302 people responded to a pre-designed questionnaire. Overall, the results suggest that Chinese consumers are aware of and favorable to CRM, though less than European-Canadians. Chinese females illustrate a more positive reaction to CRM than their male counterparts in terms of general CRM attitude and behavior intention. It is concluded that cultural traits have a significant effect on consumers’ awareness of CRM and attitudes toward CRM firms, but not on their attitudes toward CRM brands, toward CRM in general or their behavior intention. Importantly, cultural traits moderate consumers’ attitudes to CRM firms, toward CRM brands and their product purchase intention, but not in terms of awareness of CRM, attitude toward CRM in general or brand choice intention. This paper contributes to an understanding of the relationship between cultural traits and consumer reaction to CRM campaigns.
ix, 92 leaves ; 29 cm.
Social marketing -- Canada , Consumers' preferences -- Canada , Consumers -- Attitudes , Chinese -- Canada , Europeans -- Canada