The uncertain journey : a reflective exploration of the teachable moment

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White, Cheryl
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 1998
This reflective, experientially based study examines the "teachable moment" in the context of two learning contexts, a university tutorial classroom and a karate dojo. The data for the study is generated through in-depth reading; journal, exploratory and expositional writing; and a cyclical interaction with the texts generated during the study. As teacher, student and writer, the researcher examines her experiences in these contexts to further her development as a teacher. The boundaries of the inquiry in the selected to allow enough room to explore concepts and experiences as they emerge. The researcher attempts to convey the experiential nature as well as the content of the inquiry in the thesis text. The form of the thesis and the processes used in writing it contribute substantially to the content of the document. The writing is more than the account of the research findings; rather, it is the methodological vehicle used to drive the inquiry. The text of the thesis is an attempt to creatively express the ineffable qualities to teaching. Italicized excerpts, from the researcher's own journal inserted throughout the text, are used to express reflections on the embodied experiences of these qualities of teaching an learning. Throughout the text, the language is carefully chosen and the meaning of the language considered. The researcher uses analytical and categorical language as well as experiential, personal language and attempts to include creative, artistic language to creat a narrative unity which corresponds more closely to the entirety of her teaching and learning experiences. The researcher's own uncertaintly and questions are the beginning place for her search for knowlege about teaching and learning in the teachable moment and for an exploration of the nature of knowledge. The teachable moment is an opportunity for learning and teaching. The teachable moment begins with the learner's question. The teacher, obedient to the search for knowledge and fully present to the conditions surrounding the question, turust he or she will respond appropriately, ensuring the learnig environment is supportive of inquiry. The teachable moment is a space for authentic questions and answers contributing to the devleopment of a personal relationship between the learner and the topic and to his or her understanding of the nature of knowledge. Learning in the teachable moment is potentially transformative, creating the conditions to make a space for change in the learner's perceptions, understanding and practices. The teachable moment can be powerful for the student because it is an opportunity to integrate several levels of understanding and ways of knowing, extending beyond a rational understanding. Teaching for the teachable moment achknowledges the pace of learning varies depending upon how the student's learning is integrated into her or his understanding. The learning and the writing in this study are cyclical in nature. Ideas or themes that emerged early in the inquiry, surface again and again during the researcher's dialogue with the texts generated from the two teaching and learning contexts each time revealing a new layer of meaning. The researcher has tried to convey this cylce of learning in the thesis text by revisiting the themes, the nature of knowlege, uncertainty, awareness or mindfulness, attentiveness, obedience and trust in each chapter. Each treatment of these themes deepens the discussion of them, following the researcher's own learning. The author of this study asks the reader to engage holistically with the text, to come along with her on a learning journey to seek possiblities and further questions as well as answers.
vii, 108 leaves ; 29 cm.
Tutors and tutoring , Teaching , Karate -- Training , Dissertations, Academic