Edward's Prayers, Elizabeth's Settlement: The 1549, 1552, and 1559 Books of Common Prayer

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Huelskamp, Benjamin Z.
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Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal
What follows in these pages is a detailed analysis of changes made to the Book of Common Prayer starting with its first publication in 1549 and carrying through to 1552 and 1559. In researching and writing on this topic, I am indebted to the Society of Archbishop Justus of the Anglican Communion whose website contains transcriptions of every Book of Common Prayer ever produced. In my quotes of the three books, I resolved to increase the reading ease of the original language and spelling and have hence updated it to contemporary English. Yet the ideas and opinions of the texts remain unchanged. Additionally it should be noted that the source used did not include page numbers and hence I have to the best of my ability, through foot notes and in text citations, given the reader a map as to where in the three BCPs to find the text that I am quoting.
Church of England Book of common prayer