Seniors' experiences in assisted living facilities: a study exploring quality of life

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Al-Omari, Elham
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Health Sciences, 2014
Seniors are a diverse population who go through many physical and mental changes as they age. During the last decade, Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) have dramatically increased in numbers to provide care and living services in a home-like environment. Assisted living Facilities have a continuous interest in enhancing the quality of their programs and services. The purpose of this descriptive exploratory study was to explore the quality of life as perceived by seniors who reside in ALFs. Interviews with 17 residents of two ALFs shared their perspectives on quality of their life while living in an ALF. Three major themes surfaced from residents’ descriptions: ‘physical environment’, ‘social environment’, ‘home-like atmosphere’. Quality of life in ALFs remained predominantly an outcome of exchange between the personal capability of residents to adapt to changes and the capacity of the facility to meet residents’ diverse needs.
Seniors , Aging , Assisted living facilities , Quality of life