Best practice copyright codes for media use, re-use & preservation

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Whitehead, Jessica L.
Andersen, Joceline
Hanstke, Tamar
Smith, Christine F.
Singh, Cyrus S.
Graham. Rumi Y.
Taylor, Aaron
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A workshop presented at the 2024 annual conferences of the Film & Media Studies Association (FMSAC, June 16) and the Canadian Communication Association (CCA, June 19) in Montreal, Quebec. Participants discussed copyright problems commonly encountered as they carry out teaching, research, and other scholarly activities involving accessing, reusing, and preserving media content. Workshop presenters briefly outlined the origins and activities of the Media Access and Copyright (MAC) Working Group convened in 2021 to explore how these kinds of copyright challenges might be alleviated for media and communication scholars and academic librarians at post-secondary institutions across Canada. Presenters described how practitioner communities can collaboratively develop codes of best practices in using fair dealing and other statutory user's rights to ease copyright anxiety and copyright chill, which, in turn, can promote copyright-aligned ways of pursuing ordinary scholarly activities that further the educational and professional missions of academic staff who work in media-intensive fields.
Open access. CC BY NC license applies
Copyright codes , Media use , Media re-use , Media preservation , Best practice , Fair dealing
Whitehead, J. L., Andersen, J., Hanstke, T., Smith, C. F., Singh, C. S., Graham, R., & Taylor, A. (2024, June 16). Best practice copyright codes for media use, re-use & preservation. [Conference workshop]. Film & Media Studies Association (FMSAC). Montreal, QC, Canada.