Construction of a scanning tunneling microscope capable of precise studies of adsorbates on silicon surfaces

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Horn, Steven A.
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Arts and Science
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Arts and Science, 2007
An STM head based on the design of Besocke was designed and constructed to have superior vibrational and thermal stability in order to produce very high resolution images. The vibrational properties and thermal properties of the head design are quantitatively analyzed and compared to the actual performance achieved. With this new STM head, we were able to implement spectroscopic dI/dV imaging techniques (conductance imaging) to observe electronic features on surfaces. Using this conductance imaging, benzene and chlorobenzene on the Si(111)7x7 surface were studied. We also present the first solid evidence that confirms that the rest atom is involved in the bonding of benzene to this surface. We show that conductance imaging does indeed show variations in the electronic structure of the surface with adsorbates, illustrating that this technique has strong potential for assigning binding sites.
xiv, 155 leaves ; 29 cm.
Dissertations, Academic , Scanning tunneling microscopy , Surfaces (Physics) , Silicon -- Surfaces