Being a woman: Perspectives of Low German-Speaking Mennonite women

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Kulig, Judith Celene
Babcock, Ruth C. A.
Wall, Margaret
Hill, S.
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Health Care for Women International
Understanding the beliefs and knowledge related to women’s sexuality is important when working with unique religious groups in order to provide culturally appropriate care. An exploratory, descriptive qualitative study generated knowledge, beliefs and practices related to menstruation, ovulation and family planning among Low German-speaking Mennonite women (n = 38). There is a pervasive silence that surrounds sexuality among this group with limited understanding of the physiological changes they experience. Honoring religious principles and family and community expectations through acceptable female behavior is essential. Adherence to religious principles varies by family but is not shared with the group to avoid disfavor.
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Mennonite women , rural populations , women's health , human sexuality
Kulig, J., Babcock, R., Wall, M., & Hill, S. (2009). Being a woman: Perspectives of Low German-speaking Mennonite women. Health Care for Women International, 30(4), 324-338.