Hannibal's trek across the Alps: geomorphological analysis of sites of geoarchaeological interest

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Mahaney, William C.
Kalm, Volli
Dirszowsky, Randy W.
Milner, Michael W.
Sodhi, Rana
Beukens, Roelf
Dorn, Ron
Tricart, Pierre
Schwartz, Stéphane
Chamorro-Perez, Eva
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University of the Aegean
A ~2200 year-old question related to Hannibal’s invasion route across the Alps into Italia, has been argued by classicists without recovery of material evidence. A comparison of topographical descriptions in the ancient literature with environmental parameters in the Alps, attempted here for the first time, provides a database against which various pathways can be assessed. Identification of sites using geological, geomorphological, astronomical, chemical and petrological methods leads to the exclusion of certain transit points and targeting of others where geoarchaeological excavation might yield important evidence related to the military culture of ancient Carthage
Open access article. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) applies
Hannibalic invasion of Italia , Fired rock controversy , Geomorphology , Geoarchaeology , Alps , Hannibal's invasion route , Punic invasion of Italia , 218 B.C.
Mahaney, W. C., Kalm, V., Dirszowsky, R. W., Milner, M. W., Sodhi, R., Beukens, R., Dorn, R., Tricart, P., Schwartz, S., Chamorro-Perez, E., Boccia, S., Barendregt, R. W., Krinsley, D. H., Seaquist, E. R., Merrick, D., & Kapran, B. (2008). Hannibal's trek across the Alps: Geomorphological analysis of sites of geoarchaeological interest. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 8(2), 39-54.