Re-writing publishing: fanfiction and self-publication in urban fantasy

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Bay, Jessica L.
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of English, c2014
Fanfiction is the practice of fans writing stories using the world and/or characters of an established work of fiction in order to rework this material. This thesis examines the relationship between fanfiction and digital self-publication within the popular fiction genre of urban fantasy. Emerging technologies in digital publishing have created a new world for authors and readers alike. Online publishing companies make it possible for any author to self-publish an ebook and distribute it through a global platform without an agent. The practice of writing fanfiction connected with urban fantasy has combined with the relative ease of digital self-publication to create an environment within which many new authors can explore non-traditional forms of publication. While all genres have access to this possibility, I suggest that urban fantasy is one of the few that is poised to revolutionise the publication industry due to its historical connection with digital fanfiction.
Fanfiction , Urban fantasy , Self-publication , Popular fiction , Digital publishing