Cultural Competency and Supportive Housing: A Link to Mental Health

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Tanguay, Jennifer
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Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal
Popular media plays an important role in bringing health issues and concerns to the attention of the general public. One such issue is that of culturally appropriate supportive housing for Canadians with mental health issues (Roberts, 2006). Understanding of this issue requires a familiarity with cultural competency and supportive housing, to formulate a definition of culturally appropriate supportive housing. The need for culturally competent care is not limited to the provision of health care services. It also encompasses the domain of supportive housing, and together the two have various implications on mental health. The need for culturally appropriate supportive housing is supported by a review and thorough examination of both the literature and two relevant determinants of health. Policies involving both mental health and housing have yet to concretely identify the need for culturally appropriate supportive housing. Therefore, in the future, policy makers should recognize the necessity of including cultural appropriateness into the supportive housing provided to mental health consumers.
Minorities--Medical care , Transcultural medical care
Tanguay, Jennifer (2007). Cultural Competency and Supportive Housing: A Link to Mental Health. Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal, 2(1).