Factors influencing reward-seeking behaviour in rats and the implications for problem gamblers

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Dorchak, Danika
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Neuroscience
Depression and impulsivity have been repeatedly implicated in gambling pathology, but the relationship between these factors is not fully understood. There is evidence of overlapping neural circuitry that may explain the relatedness of these disorders. The following thesis will characterize the neural dysfunction of gambling addiction, depression, and impulsivity, and will argue for the use of animal models to further our understanding of these relationships. Two series of experiments were conducted to examine how these factors influence reward-seeking behaviour. In the first, we will see that depression can lead to compulsive reward-seeking in rats; and in the second, we will present evidence that proves just how motivating gambling-like schedules of reinforcement truly are, and what that means for impulsive problem gamblers.
Neuroscience , Animal Studies , Gambling , Addiction , Depression , Impulsivity , Wistar-Kyoto , Animal behavior , Animal psychopathology , Compulsive gamblers , Depression, Mental , Dissertations, Academic , Gambling , Impulse control disorders