A Quasi Meta-Analysis of Youth and Career Research Methodologies

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Bernes, Kerry B.
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A quasi meta-analysis approach was used to examine the research methodologies used to study issues related to youth (ages 13-25) and careers. Psychlit, ERIC, Dissertation Abstracts, and four journals were searched to identify articles for the study. A total of 67 articles from 18 different sources were analyzed. Eighty-seven percent were from journals, and the remaining 13 percent were found in dissertations, theses, unpublished papers, and a textbook. All articles were classified by year of publication, gender of author(s), author affiliation/title, location of study, and methodology. Sources were classified as using one of the following methodologies: historical, philosophical, ethnographic, case study, survey, comparative experimental, or quasi-experimental. No articles that could be classified as reflecting an ethnographic approach could be found, and none of the sources classified as historical provided more than a 20-year review. Most of the historical studies centered around Super's "work within a life" concept. Researchers in the field of youth and careers were found to be very strong in their use of philosophical, case study, survey, comparative experimental, and quasi-experimental methods. Canadians appear to be rather underrepresented in the quantity of studies conducted; and the eastern United States appears to dominate the field. More qualitative research in general and more longitudinal studies in particular were called for. (MN)
Career education
Bernes, K. B. (1993). A Quasi Meta-Analysis of Youth and Career Research Methodologies. Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). ED 360 496.