Unhinged encodes a VPS51 homologue of Arabidopsis and reveals a role for the GARP complex in leaf shape and vein patterning

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Pahari, Shankar
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, [Dept. of] Biological Sciences, c2012
Asymmetric localization of PIN proteins controls directionality of auxin transport and many aspects of plant development. The Arabidopsis mutant, unhinged-1 (unh-1), has defects to leaf veins and other root and shoot phenotypes. I identify UNH as the Arabidopsis VPS51 homologue, a member of the Arabidopsis GARP complex, and show that UNH interacts with VPS52, another member of the complex. I also show that UNH co-localizes with SYP61, a trans Golgi network marker. The GARP complex in yeast and metazoans retrieves vacuolar sorting receptors to the TGN and is important in sorting proteins for lysosomal degradation. PIN1 expression in the margin of unh-1 leaves is expanded and the unh leaf phenotype is suppressed by pin1 mutation, supporting the idea that the phenotype results from expanded PIN expression. My results suggest the UNH is important to restrict expression of PIN1 within the margin, likely by targeting PIN1 to the lytic vacuole.
xv, 100 leaves : ill. ; 29 cm
Plants -- Effect of auxin on , Auxin , Arabidopsis