Behavior Disorders: The Need for Multiple and Integrated Treatment Activities

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Bernes, Kerry B.
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In response to increasing demands that Canadian school boards provide behavior adaptation programs to counter the effects of disruptive home environments, school violence, and victimization, this paper explores definitions and diagnostic criteria for the following behavior disorders: attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, juvenile delinquency, and antisocial personality. The paper outlines how these disorders can be placed on a continuum from least problematic to most problematic. A brief literature review summarizes effects of interventions currently employed to treat youth with behavior disorders. Difficulties associated with current treatments are highlighted and an integrated approach to treatment is provided. The proposed model targets youth diagnosed with conduct disorder ages 13 through 17 by providing them with male and female leaders and a group revolving around an educational/remedial framework. Activities are arranged to challenge students intellectually, physically, and emotionally, in order to form, challenge and extend self-concepts held by group members. (Contains 27 references.) (PB)
Behavior disorders in children , Behavior disorders in children -- Treatment , School psychology
Bernes, K. B. (1993). Behavior Disorders: The Need for Multiple and Integrated Treatment Activities. Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). ED 361 932