Green space, blue space and health in an urban setting : a phenomenological study

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San Martin-Feeney, Daniella
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Health Sciences
Objective: Exposure to green space is correlated with positive mental health outcomes; however, there is a lack of qualitative studies focusing on experiences of this phenomenon. Therefore, the research objective was to examine individual’s experiences of mental restoration after spending time in urban parks. Methods: A phenomenological approach was used. Fifteen participants in Lethbridge, Alberta, were interviewed, all of whom used parks and believed it benefitted their mental health. Results: Analysis revealed four main themes highlighted by participants, including connections to nature, connections to community, connections to themselves, and built environment features. These themes may be important aspects of the experience of mental restoration and may factor in the relationship between green space and mental health. Conclusion: The results support ongoing development of a variety of urban green spaces. Further, they suggest the need for more research into the complex relationship between green space and mental health and moderating factors.
Green Space , Mental Health , Parks