Weight cutting a biomechanical investigation of the effect on martial arts striking performance

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Evans, Jared, Scott
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Lethbridge, Alta. University of Lethbridge, Dept. of Kinesiology
Weight cutting is a phenomenon that exists in combative weight-class-based sports. The goal of this research was to investigate the effect of weight cutting on striking performance parameters amongst mixed martial arts practitioners. Participants were tested on common strikes using a method specifically developed for the investigation of reaction time, power, and accuracy. These tests were performed prior to a self-selected weight-cut procedure and 24 hours after making weight, with the hypothesis that weight cutting would exhibit a negative effect on the tested parameters. The findings demonstrated a negative effect on peripheral reaction time, a positive effect on central reaction time, and mixed results on power and accuracy. No previous work has been performed on weight cutting and reaction time or accuracy. Future research should look to investigate the phenomenon closer to its real sport setting and to further the investigation of reaction time and accuracy.
martial arts , mixed martial arts , weight cutting , dehydration , hypo-hydration , strike performance