Friendship across cultures: exploring the concept of friendship between immigrant and Canadian women in southern Alberta

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Izwayyed, Samar
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Health Sciences, 2014
This research offers an understanding of the intercultural friendship development process between immigrant and Canadian women. More specifically, the research identified factors affecting the two groups’ intercultural relationship development and provided insight into their life experiences based on such contact. Interpersonal relationship theories and cross-cultural research studies form the conceptual background of the research. Twenty-one in depth interviews were conducted with 12 immigrant women and 9 Canadian women, aged 18 years or older using person-centered interviewing as a data collection method. Thematic analysis revealed factors that influenced social interaction between the two groups at different stages of their relationship development. Language competency, knowledge about culture, self-disclosure, and cultural differences were the major factors that affected intercultural friendship development across the two groups. The thesis concludes with some suggestions for future research and how intercultural friendship between immigrant and Canadian women could be enhanced in the Canadian context.
Acculturation , Culture , Immigrant women , Intercultural , Intracultural , Friendship