Student Experiences with High School Redesign: Investigating the Perspectives of Diverse Students in a Personalized Learning Environment

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New, Daniel
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Highly specialized workforces, technological advancements, and increased global competition have prompted 21st Century high school reform characterized by personalized learning environments. This reform has spurred the implementation of the High School Redesign Project across the province of Alberta. The Redesign Project is designed to increase student engagement, improve student achievement, and enhance teacher practice through the development of flexible and student-centered learning environments. This study explores how High School Redesign has impacted student learning within three Alberta high schools. Qualitative data was collected by interviewing school principals and conducting focus groups with students from three experienced High School Redesign schools. This data describes how Redesigned schools have impacted students academic success, relationships, and goals within and beyond high school. The findings of this research illustrate how flexible and personalized learning environments are providing students with improved relationships in school, which ultimately lead to improved student outcomes.
This thesis is a qualitative research project that investigates the perspectives of school principals and students regarding the Alberta high school reform initiative, High School Redesign. This data provides conclusions as to how the study participants believe this initiative is or is not impacting their perceptions of success for student learning in the areas of academics, relationships, and goals within and beyond high school.
Education , Educational policy and administration , Educational change , Personalized Learning , Education, Secondary.