The experience and psychological impact of school violence on rural Alberta teachers

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Zimmer, Chelcie
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2012
Research is unclear as to whether the level of violence in schools is increasing or decreasing. Regardless, it is higher than anyone would prefer. Therefore, it is essential that information on the nature and effects of violence in our schools, as well as methods for coping with and preventing such violence be gathered. It is also essential that the impact on different populations be explored. This study presents quantitative and qualitative research on the experience and psychological impact of school violence on rural Alberta teachers specifically. Sixty-eight teachers from a rural Alberta school division were surveyed to determine what forms of school violence they had experienced, the impact it has had on them, and their suggestions for preventing and coping with school violence in the future. Data collected determined that the rates of school violence against teachers remain high. The most commonly experienced form of school violence was verbal insults, with the prevalence of all incidents decreasing as the severity increased. Students and parents were the most likely perpetrators of school violence against teachers. Data gathered revealed significant emotional, physical, and career impact symptoms as a result of school violence. Survey participants strongly endorsed numerous techniques for coping with and preventing school violence, the most common being polices for dealing with school violence. Violence against teachers within rural Alberta schools was determined to be a serious social and psychological issue that cannot be overlooked.
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School violence -- Alberta , School violence -- Alberta -- Prevention , Teachers -- Crimes against -- Alberta , Students -- Alberta -- Attitudes , Dissertations, Academic