Response to Intervention: A Guide to Implementation for School Administrators

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Clifton, Jason
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When implemented with fidelity, RTI can be an effective way of identifying students in need of support, reducing wait time to receive necessary interventions and help ensure that student underachievement is not a result of incompatible instruction (Whittaker, 2013). Although RTI appears to be a viable solution to the disabilities model of learning support, the implementation process is often stifled in Alberta schools. This project synthesized information from several sources, regarding both leadership and RTI, creating a manual that is informed by an extensive literature review. The final product consists of two distinct sections in order to serve two specific purposes – to explaining what RTI is and also how to successfully implement it. The ultimate goal of the project is to help school leadership teams develop systems to ensure that students who need extra help are quickly identified and receive needed intervention in a systematic and timely manner.
Educational policy and administration , Educational change , Academic achievement , Response to intervention (Learning disabled children)