Treatment Efficacy for Female Offenders

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Jespersen, Ashley
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Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal
The treatment of female offenders is becoming an increasingly important issue. The number of federally incarcerated adult female offenders in Canada increased by approximately 75% from 1981 to 2002 (Correctional Service of Canada, 2002). In the United States the number of female inmates under correctional supervision escalated from 410, 300 in 1986 to 895, 300 in 1997 (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2001). In the past, we have considered male and female inmates to have similar treatment needs, but as we become aware of the increasing numbers and differing needs of female offenders we must reevaluate available treatment programs and begin to implement program revisions. In this paper I will discuss the needs of female offenders, the goals of treatment, the components of effective and successful treatment programs, and describe and evaluate current programs available to female offenders.
Female offenders -- Canada , Substance Abuse
Jespersen, Ashley (2006). Treatment Efficacy for Female Offenders. Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal, 1(1).