Media access & use in teaching: does copyright pose obstacles to your instructional mission?

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Langrell, Kate
Novakowski, Ebony
Hanstke, Tamar
Graham, Rumi Y.
Singh, Cyrus Sundar
Taylor, Aaron
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University of Lethbridge. Teaching Centre
Have you ever selected a film for online viewing by your class, only to find it is no longer available when students need to access it for an assignment? Has a student ever reported that your Moodle link to a film on a free Canadian streaming platform is geo-blocked in the student's home country where they are taking the course? Do your students have trouble figuring out what they may lawfully borrow or adapt from media sources when they create new media content as part of assigned coursework? This roundtable spotlights a multi-institutional initiative that is probing possible ameliorations to conundrums such as these. The Media Access and Copyright Group (MAC) was created by the roundtable convenors under the sponsorship of the Film and Media Studies Association of Canada. Comprising about 45 communication and media studies scholars, academic librarians, copyright advisors, filmmakers, and legal experts, MAC is pursuing the development of best practice codes to help faculty understand when unlicensed educational access to and use of media content may be permissable. Chairs and coordinators of MAC's three working groups will briefly outline the focus and progress of their groups to date and touch on why media access and use issues remain pressing ones--especially as we move away from physical media and further into the streaming age. Following a Q&A to address any questions about MAC, we will invite you to share your stories, experiences, and perhaps uncertainties regarding teaching and researching using media content while trying to remain copyright-compliant.
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Educational use of media materials , Media access , Media content , Streaming media , Copyright-compliant
Media Access and Copyright Working Group. (2023, May 3). Media access & use in teaching: Does copyright pose obstacles to your instructional mission? [Group presentation]. Spark Teaching Symposium, Lethbridge, AB, Canada.