An investigation of immigrant consumers' locus of control orientation and level of acculturation

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Tien, Philip Chi Hang
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Management
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Management, 2005
Due to the increasing number of people immigrating to new cultures, it is important to understand the influences on immigrants’ purchase decisions in a new environment. Immigrant consumers’ purchase behaviours are different from the majority because of cultural differences. More specifically, this research investigates differences between Chinese immigrants’ and Canadian consumers' locus of control and service locus of control orientation in the Canadian marketplace. It also examines the role that acculturation plays among Chinese immigrants regarding locus of control beliefs. Results from the survey suggest that Chinese consumers have generally higher levels of internal consumer and service locus of control orientations, and belief in luck compared with their Canadian counterparts, while the difference of the belief in powerful others was insignificant. The relationship between acculturation and immigrants’ locus of control beliefs was unclear as acculturation is a gradual and slow process and most of the Chinese respondents were newly arrived.
vii, 96 leaves ; 29 cm.
Consumer behavior -- Research -- Canada , Consumers -- Research -- Canada , Acculturation -- Canada , Chinese -- Canada , Marketing research -- Canada , Minority consumers -- Research -- Canada